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MTo design with some alterations

G’day from across the mountain Rado.

The oven is all but finished. My long service leave project! Just a few wooden doors to be made up for the back, the oven and the ash vent.

It’s an MTO with some alterations to the cladding specs – I rendered the dome after the vermiculite insulation/concrete cladding and the brickwork that surrounds the block inserts on either side. And it works! Not bad for an accountant, what ya reckon?

Here’s a few pictures of the oven ready for the entertaining area landscaping to be done. I had plenty of help from Oliver (Age 2 1/2). It’ll be named in his honour – the “Pisa Ub’n”.

Oh, and a picture of the first official cooking – Moroccan spiced chicken. The skin is sooo crispy and the flesh so tender with a subtle smoked taste. Delicious!!!

MTo oven design slightly altered.

Altered MTo wood burning oven design. Moroccan spiced chicken. MTo wood burning oven built in Brisbane.

Thanks again for the inspiration.

Eatons Hill, Queensland

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