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First round pizza oven I built

Hope you like my first pizza oven I built. I made most off the family help specially the in-laws as they are the wogs and I am just a skip.

You have a great site. One question, I am about to build my second wood fired oven and I was just wondering I want to build my oven with the standard flu opening at the front of the oven firing part but run a spine with a cavity over the top of the firebrick dome and connect it to my flu/chimney at the rear of the oven. Do you see a problem with this thanks.

added by Rado: At what rising angle? You will need to make the “spine” on top (it is the passage for hot air ) in quite steep angle upwards. Or if you plan for some reason to make that as low as possible, e.g. copying the dome, then introduce draft by installing a taller chimney at the back of the oven so 100% of all the fumes go nicely in and then directed out through the back chimney. Only through there. If that won’t be so, you get the carbon color in the front facing deco wall just above your decorative entrance. And smoke into eyes. Generally, the best suggestion for all ovens is to make the flue (collecting vent hood – the simple brick box structure just on the exhaust from the oven) rather spacious, with proper volume, which is the only needed thing to succeed. Here is the page which deals with questions on “The correct flue vent & hot-air passage. How Wide & Deep it must be?” If that’s for business you can include your work related web address here too, to get more ‘content related’ traffic which helps. It helps to us heaps.

First igloo round pizza oven I built.

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  1. Wonderful and very vivid visual expression, i truly like all wood fired pizza ovens and the whole idea about this type of cooking.

    By Matt

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