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Pizza oven in Cape Town South Africa

Hi Rado – thanks,
I will get a few more photos and send, with pictures of some of the first Pizza’s made, *(on this Friday night I am getting about 12 people to come around, so we’ll cook some more).

Also I will try and find some more of the initial stages of the building for you to look at them – but one thing – I did not use any fire brick on the inside, and only normal solid hard baked clay bricks, so I already see that I am loosing a lot of heat from the outside of the dome. But I am getting better in thinking about what to do with improving of this oven.

I don’t have any insulation. Maybe you could advise me on a way to put insulation inside the oven? I know it will be easier to do on the outside, but then it does not look so nice anymore?

Round igloo dome pizza oven.

Igloo pizza oven in Cape Town, South Africa. Square shape pizza paddle peel. Round pizza oven building construction. Party with pizza oven. Cooking pizzas in igloo round pizza oven. Pizza oven gorgeous dinner party.

Guys and girls tell me what ya think, thanks.

Andre – Cape Town
South Africa

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  1. I am in the process of building my own Pizza oven and it looks like you were using a kit or was it your own design?
    Could you help me to obtain a kit for the oven?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    By André Hanekom

  2. I am the maintenance manager at shelley point hotel. We have got a pizza oven that is cracking. What can I use to repair the cracks. The cracks are on the out side of the oven.
    Can you please give me some advice. Thanks

    added by Rado:
    Hi Nicolaas,
    Is it a round igloo shape on the outside? Best would be if you email me some images of the oven so I can comment of what to do after I see the details, the whole structure from the outside, details of the cracks, and also the floor internally and some walls with the ceiling. No worries there is always a way how to improve or fix all things. Send large photos as they originally come out from a camera, that way there are better details to see for me.

    By nicolaas linstrom

  3. Sounds like Andre’s oven is gonna be in bits before too long!

    By Gary

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