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My oven cooks the most incredible pizza

Hi Rado,

I must say that your plans are priceless.

I started the oven as winter approached last year 2010 and was able to finish the dome in about 4 weeks working on weekends. I just finished it 100% this spring 2011 and had to send you over some pictures.

And for all you Future Oven Builders out there… Save yourself a lot of time and research by just ordering Rado plans. They are hands down THE BEST!

Just follow all his sequential instructions and you can NOT GO WRONG!!! It’s also a GREAT family project. And at the end of the day my oven cooks the most incredible pizza!!!

Forno Di Russo art pizza oven

Pizza oven art project Forno Di Russo

Concreting ground slab for pizza oven Making firebrick arches for pizza oven Work with fire bricks on pizza oven Pouring concrete cladding of pizza oven Art tiling with stone on pizza oven

Location: New Jersey

Oven Name: Forno Di Russo

Pizza oven built by: Greg

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  1. Greg,
    Your oven looks fabulous. It would be great if you would share the plans.


    By Joe DiLabio

  2. I would have to agree with Joe, please provide additional photos of the enclosure of your brick oven. Awesome job! I love the style that you had designed. I also would like to know what kind of roof did you build on the top of the brick oven. I got my building plans from Rado already and now I am deciding on some unique enclosures of the oven. I am planning to build a Forno Di Russo II in New Orleans.

    By Tu Nguyen

  3. Where did you buy the chimney cap! Please respond.
    Thank you,

    By Andres Omelanchuk

  4. Great job on your oven. I live in New Jersey also. Did you have to use footings down 42 inches or did you put the oven on a slab. How thick was the slab? Did you use rebar in the slab?

    By Scott

  5. Sorry Joe. My Wife just noticed these comments on my pizza oven. If you didn’t you build your oven yet I just want you to know that I got the plans for the oven from Rado on this website (internal) the exterior I did myself. I can provide you with more pictures if you would like.


    By greg

  6. Hi Tu.
    The roof is a copper color metal. I think it cost me around $800 with shipping. If you didn’t build your oven yet let me know and i will check my back emails for the company.


    By greg

  7. I ordered it online. Let me know if you didn’t build your oven yet and i will search for the company.


    By greg

  8. My footing was 12 inches deep around the foundation only and yes I used rebar.


    By greg

  9. Good afternoon Rado,

    sent for your DVD plus extra for your wish list. Will send you photos as the project progresses. May possibly bring you over to help if you are available?!

    I have been viewing your site for the last couple of weeks while considering building my own brick oven.

    I have a few questions for you. I hope you have a chance to reply, to my email as I know you are busy. How long (In your opinion) should it take from start to finish for a novice to build a brick oven? Do you know of a trustworthy builder in the San Antonio, Texas area that I can get a quote from to build it for me? Do you build in the states, if so, what is the cost?

    I’m sure I will have more questions once I decide to do the job.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Good day,
    PS Nice oven Greg!

    By Norton

  10. I love your personalized copper sign. Could you tell me where you ordered it from.

    Thank you,

    By Anna

  11. Great job! The copper signs look fabulous. You can get more info at Copper Impressions works web: to order custom copper plates and copper plagues. I don’t usually get to see my signs installed so this is a special treat.

    By Whitney

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