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River Rocks on the oven’s outside

Hello Rado and others.

Here goes photos of my masterpiece – as mentioned before – took longer than I expected to construct due to the collecting / building the rock exterior but it is great, well worth the effort.

I had a good time living at the Gap – Did a owner builder house just after I was married – the people were average – not a posh area as it is now – traffic was low – my granny (99yrs old) says the cars are unbearable now.

I am glad I live in north Queensland – it is quiet and laid back compared to Brisbane.

A river-rock on the oven's outside decoration.

Metal boiler cover and river rocks on the oven's outside I have had several great pizzas and I use the camp oven to cook stews etc. Makes great garlic bread. I spent 20 years on a remote cattle station so I enjoy the camp oven cooking again. We sit in the swinging chair my kids bought and watch the fire after cooking is done having a few wines.

The steel part is an old steam boiler used years ago to run a steam driven timber mill – I just cut it to fit over the oven after it was finished. Carted all the rocks from a creek and hill site where I go for our evening walk. Only purchased the bricks and mortar and that’s it. Oven built out of river rocks plus old metal boiler cover.

Thanks for the DVDs and your great web site.

Townsville, Qld., Australia

(* I will send you a photo when I finish the oven – with a roof and all that, sitting etc. (it will take awhile at my pace ) the oven will be made from fire bricks and the external walls will be built from river rock I am already slowly collecting in my area.)

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  1. Gantastic pizza oven and love the finish and size! We live in a historic village about 1.5 hrs west of Canberra and intend building one down the back garden. We have 4 distinct seasons and can see this will be a fun thing to use in the spring and autumn with our neighbours. Even maybe on a cold winters Sunday arvo! Can you please tell us what the width is of the inside? And did you use a special mortar mix? All the best!

    By Georgi & John

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