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Oven with stone veneer under a covered patio

Howdy Rado,
Hope all is well.

Finally finished the oven. We were in operation by January 1st though, but took some time off before finally completing the stone veneer and extra insulation (Perlite) filled roof.

We had a great party over Labor Day weekend (1st weekend in September) where we cooked 40 pies and 5 steaks in the iron skillet. In fact, a 800-900 Fahrenheit degrees heat in the oven produces an amazing crust, as the steakhouses create. I do appreciate all of you help (workshops on disk and the email correspondence).

Patio and oven with stone veneer

flat stone veneer natural covered with veneer stones
patio covered oven

Anyhow, we chopped the trees down for the main beams. A friend made the bar top with scrap wood and the table with Douglas Fir. Feel free to add the pictures to the website, if you so choose. I can send more, if you like.

covering chimney pipe oven tools and chimney
metal framing oven casing brick variations

Cheers, Greg
Austin, TX USA

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  1. Wow you built an incredible oven, thanks for sharing.
    Question… The hearth (the bottom cooking area). My oven hearth bricks have a couple of small gaps in the surface. What is safe to fill them with?
    Austin, TX

    added by Rado:
    They will get filled with ash very fast, while you cook ash will pack into the gaps.

    By Rhonda Coolures

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