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Modified nice structure, built lower and smaller.

I hope my confirmation for the newsletter worked out. I definitely want to be on the list.

My oven is up and running here in Plymouth, MN, USA. I bake a sour dough, sunflower seed rye bread from an old German recipe once a week. Results have been fantastic. I get rave reviews even from experts where bread baking is concerned.

I modified your plan somewhat to save money, labor and time; now wish I had not taken the short cut. I made the foundation one cinder block shorter in length and one tier shorter in height. I now see that the extra 16 inches of length of the baking chamber would have been a major plus–allowing more baking surface and leaving room to keep some wood burning in the back of the unit.

Nice structure, size was modified. Built lower and shorter. By Don in Plymouth, MN, USA.

The extra height, as in the original plan, would also have been a plus, avoiding strain on my back during the baking process.

Not a conventional baking but better. All in all, however, I am thrilled with the project. Now the area, cooking and atmosphere, all is absolutely fantastic.

Hope I can manage to attach photos to the ovens gallery.

Bread baking pans in high heat fire Modified structure built smaller, lower and shorter. An old German sour-dough way of baking ray with seeds.

Thanks a million,
Plymouth, MN, U.S.

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