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Oven using heat vented in from fireplace below

Hi Rado,

I used your CD to create a very unique oven which includes a fully functional lower fireplace. The complete cuisine and leisure area is simply Brilliant. In all Aspects I should mention.

I was able to vent the fireplace through an enlarged ash drop and it works great.

The lower fireplace is vented through a 4” x 16” ash-slot. I had plans for a supplemental exhaust fan but it appears after Several large burns that it is not necessary (even in relatively windy conditions). These pics were taken after multiple fires and uses of the oven and you will notice The lack of external soot as the oven has Also a well sized flue. The chimney is over-sized (14” stainless) and the heat Carries the smoke from the lower fire right up through the exposed area of the Oven. I have set up the fireplace either for gas or wood as I am pretty lazy most of the Time.

Heat vented into pizza oven from the fireplace below.

Heat vented from fireplace into pizza oven. Wood storage is in the rear of the structure and sub woofers inside both Sides aiming straight out round out the above mounted sound system. As I am A musician, the ambiance with a quality sound was a must(I even have an underwater Speaker in the adjacent pool). The small rocked area in the fore-left is a gas fire-glass pit.

Fireplace heat channeled into the pizza oven. The larger rocked area in the fore-right is a water feature that shoots a stream of Light color changing water into the adjacent pool (it uses the same principle as fiber optics, But water as the conduit instead of plastics).

All in all it was a fun project and I used information off your CD as an invaluable aid.

Thanks and regards,

Tomball, Texas

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  1. Wow another great production with a great Director Rado. It look not only great but your climate is also great, except for the heat sometime. You have a perfect setting and would love to have the long summer that you enjoy. Good Luck, Good Health and Bon Appetite. I am almost done with mine.

    By Bart

  2. Ken, I would like your contact info as I am trying to build a similar fireplace/oven and am at the point of making a decision if I need a separate chimney at the oven opening or if I can use the one for the fireplace below. Do I need to damper off the oven so fireplace flue goes without interruption and would I need to damper off fireplace if flue is used for oven only (as side benefit, could fresh air be drawn from oven opening underneath and if so, will I need a way to regulate inlet air)?

    By Kurt Schriewer

  3. Ken – please email me so I can give you a call. Thanks!

    By Kurt Schriewer

  4. Email is

    By Kurt Schriewer

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