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Wales meets Italy and Greece

Hey Rado,

Thanks for your website. I built this round dome oven with fire bricks, took about 2 months after and a lot of concrete.

The oven cooks perfect pizza in 2 minutes, I just ordered some pizza boxes to start delivering to the neighbours. The most fabulous people live around in this area. Had a cool pizza cooking competition with my mates on the weekend.

Need to branch out to some different foods like fish and chicken now though. Will keep you posted.

Please add our picture among others in the ovens’ gallery.

Pizza oven on terrace

Dome pizza oven

Where Wales meets Italy and Greece

from Wales

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  1. This looks fantastic, where are you in wales. I’m in Swansea … best wishes from Paul .. 48

    By PAUL

  2. Hi Paul it’s in Ogmore by sea, it’s near Porthcawl. Great spot when the sun’s out. Owen

    By Owen

  3. Just cooked my first Indian meal in it, going through a lot of fire wood but luckily I have an unlimited supply from the beach. May have to plant a few trees to offset my carbon footprint tho :)

    By Owen

  4. Oh that must be a great fun, and practical for health too, walking on your beach and collecting firewood at the same time. I happily envy you.

    Regarding the carbon footprint:
    If the wood which is laying around rots instead of burns in the oven; the slow rotting or braking down process produces exactly THE SAME carbon dioxide amount as the burning does otherwise. So it is the same, completely sustainable, only that much carbon gets released by either of the two processes how much the tree absorbed while it was growing (within its branches or the trunk.) Therefore, yes, if you contribute by planting ~5 trees every year you only ADD more goodness for the whole planet. On own land or anywhere handy in a free nature it doesn’t matter where. It all counts, we all should do such things to feel good.

    By Rado

  5. Hi Owen,

    I’m in Cardiff, where I run a community garden. We’re looking to build a pizza/bread oven there, would you be interested in helping/advising? :) Contact me at

    Thanks :)

    By Barsha

  6. Hello Owen … It looks great, well done.

    Out of interest did you have a plan to build it from … I’ve been tasked to do similar in sunny Northampton.

    We recently visited Ogmore by sea as my partner use to live just down the road … It’s a beautiful place to live.



    By Gary

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