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Solid granite arches w/ brick walls

G’day Rado,
I finally completed my pizza oven and cooking area. Pizzas are turning out great.

The solid arched granite pieces where part of an archway from a house that was built in the 1800’s in Austin, TX. Everything for the most part was reclaimed material. Since I had some brick left over I built the serving area, I poured the counter top out of concrete.

Then I decided to incorporate my gas grill into the area. We have used the oven often, still trying to get it mastered as far as getting the best pizzas, but I do mean as I say “THE Best Pizzas“, having fun experimenting.

Granite arch in brick walls

Bricks and granite together Solid granite arches among bricks
Natural granite and bricks in walls Reclaimed material for whole project

Oh, we wear the same redbacks while working. Fell in love with them cause I wear them at the fire station. I don’t see them often here, but they must be common to you.

Shawn from Texas

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  1. Shawn… I like your design. I would love to see a profile shot of your oven. I really like your chimney design… I have my oven completed but, still waffling on the design of the facade. We do have lots of inexpensive recycled red brick here so that will be used for the outside skin…
    All the best…

    By Jim — Permalink

  2. I love your design. I purchase the CD from Rado and I’m working on my designs.

    Can you send me some more Photos of your Oven?
    I’d love to see it from the Side and Rear, trying to figure out what I will do for my roof.


    By Steve — Permalink

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