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Great project by Scott – knowing what to cook and bake in it

Hey Rado – I was planning to build a pizza / bread oven last summer and really looked forward to the project. Your site has a lot of good info / detail therefore I looked forward to the download-able plans on CD so I could get started.

Thanks so much for this, it’s really great to see the process in advance and it helped my planning process and ideas a lot. First I working with the materials list, and I settled on a 4 x 6 ft space to build my oven in. I had a decent sense of what to do. Much appreciated.

project base on ground project work with firebricks
project firebrick work completed project surrounding walls finished

Well, it’s been winter now, many starts & stops but my oven is finally complete (minus a paint job in the spring once the stucco has fully cured). I didn’t have the space to do the full size 3gMTO, but mine is slightly wider and slightly shallower instead. I’ve been cooking pizza at ~900F and loving every minute of it. I can’t wait to have a full bread baking day and see how it performs. The oven was covered in snow when I used it on Sunday and I was pleased to see on Monday afternoon the roof had little to no melt (the insulation is working perfectly).

Continuing …

project raw done useable but yet unpainted project clay pot chimney connected
project painted and the whole area cleaned up project finished in this interesting photographic angle


Finally painted everything up, and we think it looks really sharp. We’ve stopped buying bread at the grocery store now in favor of our oven cooked bread – the retained heat cooking ability is amazing. I’ve only done 2 rounds of bread (12 baguettes then 16 loaves sandwich bread) in a single burn, but I think / evidently I could easily do 4-5+ bread batches. I ended up buying a Commercial mixer from Hobart just to keep up on baking day and the neighbors are all trying to get invites for pizza night now.

project manage Scott with his new quality dough mixer project one of the 4-5 plus breads batches full hearth project pizzas making for everyone

Thanks again for the great plans / direction / photo series / material list.

Oak Park, IL

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  1. Warm greetings,

    I have shared this article with my grandchildren arriving from Atlanta.
    They would love to have the pizzas, other baked meals when they visit.
    Great photographs just asking one to build one and to enjoy the fruits of the labor…
    Are there any additional photographs showing the intermediate steps (especially of the oven construction with the fire brick) to this fantastic project. Any sketches/drawings to get this project on the way without major blunders?
    Really would appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you kindly
    David Wajnberg

    By David WajnbergPermalink

  2. Scott,
    That is a beautiful oven job!! Well done! I am also looking at a limited space for my build. Any chance you could share some oven dimensions?


    By Mike — Permalink

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