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Mosaic of colors on this oven

Hi Rado,

Finished building the brick wood oven –

I had a few tiles left over from other tiling jobs so I went a little crazy on it and I enjoyed the work –

I used it a couple of times for baking breads and cooking pizzas –

Once I master the arts of bread making I will start using it for baking more and more.

The tiles look amazing also during evening hours with any sort of artificial lights being on. I like it the most with a dimming light while the fire inside, or glowing embers are still there, that gives it a real nice effect. What do you reckon?

Mosaic of colors

Peter from Adelaide, South Australia.

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  1. “Love your work !” Great little shack to go with it as well.

    By Jamie — Permalink

  2. Peter, I need you to do the same mosaic on my new oven in a restaurant in Brisbane, scaled to a slightly larger version. The mosaic will be well paid for Contact me.

    By RadoPermalink

  3. Hi Rado,

    I only just read your email – apologies
    Let me know if I can still help


    By Peter Dominey — Permalink

  4. Hi Peter,
    I will let you know when the next job comes, for a nice mosaic.

    By Rado — Permalink

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