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MTo with modified exterior design

G’day Rado,
I built one of your masterly ovens.

I just modified the exterior of the oven for my setting. The inner cooking part is original MTO. Plus I added another layer off fire bricks to the floor to increase the volume of mass above the hearth slab and the first layer of hearth bricks.

My intentions were to really keep the heat retained in my dome and floor a bit more to roast and bake at lower, but stable at that level, much more traditional temperature. Your design works great and it is also very economical to run often and to build. I went with the same blue stone gravel around the oven, which makes sense for outdoors food area as it looks always more clean. It’s easy to blow leaves away with my electric leaf blower.

MTo with modified exterior design

MTo with modified exterior design

Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

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  1. Good work done ! it looking very nice.

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    By Tom JohnsonPermalink

  2. Looks awesome, specially of fire bricks at the floor. Good work bro.

    By Alen — Permalink

  3. Great looking oven. What material did you use for your roof & chimney cap?

    By Bruce — Permalink

  4. Love the look Woody, oozes class oven.

    By Richard Boyd — Permalink

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