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BBQ are so 90’s!

You are the MAN!!!

Just finished my oven, not a builder but what a worthy project it was. I’ve still got the kitchen work station to build on either side but that’s not stopping me from cooking already now.

I used one set of four wood peaces to start with making boxing frame for the ground slab and then the same set for all boxing frames for pouring concrete.

Had some excellent parties already.

BBQ are so 90’s! Wood ovens are the way forward!

Thanks man I owe you.

Work on pizza oven.

Pizza oven slab. Darlo the brickie builds pizza oven. Hearth slab in pizza oven. Intelligence in building the pizza oven Stew the brains. Pizza oven project Roof frame on pizza oven. Roof above pizza oven. Party time with pizza oven.

PS please see pictures for your web site. What do you think?

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  1. Hi Stew,

    Lovely looking pizza oven!

    Can I ask two things, 1) What is the total height of the structure, and 2) did you need to get planning permission for it?


    By Duncan Meyers

  2. Hi Duncan,

    Sorry for the delay in my reply. Height about 1.8m and no planning required although it has been said it looks like a small chappel !!!!!!!

    We have had some great nights and cooked all sorts, suckling pigs, whole lamb and our xmas bird in a bird in a bird.

    Best show stopper EVER

    I’ve now added two work stations, i’ll add some pic’s.

    Regards Stew

    By Stew Draper

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