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MTo pizza oven

Welcome to traditional oven project.

Everybody is welcomed. Everybody can collaborate.

Everybody can create his or hers own / new pages with practical content to show it. Culinary. Ovens. Various other Practicals. Cooks and chefs. Builders and hobby people. Co-developers and Co-adopters. Business or lifestyle people can also create their sub-websites on their own and for them selves.

And that’s it in short. It summarized it clearly.

This is actually the first created page of this website.

Edit: It’s been long time now, since creation of this first page. Actually it has been 10 years and 3 months, the date today is 28th of July 2013. Lots happened during the past decade, around the globe but also with just as with most things in life. Not much is exempt.

Masterly tail pizza oven.

With compliments to all our Friends or just visitors who suddenly popped in and then popped out.

Picture of Rado Hand wood fired brick pizza oven builder.

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  1. Pizza oven

    By Rado

  2. The food and taste of meals cooked in wood fired ovens is hard to knock out of my head. We have a small backyard but we like to entertain and so we want to create an outdoor living area.

    By Willy

  3. Relying more on natural materials and less on propane and traditional ovens which are insulated with fiberglass. Also Wood fired food tastes much better.

    Thanks for sharing this info, I have a lot to learn.

    By Commune girl

  4. i really don’t like conventional ovens they make the house hot, break too easily and are too expensive. wood fired ovens are reliable in blackouts + i thought this would be fun.

    By hope

  5. Hi Rado, Been a few years now since visiting. My oven that I built (fireplace conversion) in 2005 continues to serve me well. Had to build a new kitchen around it…but its awesome !

    By Arthur - Oliver BC Canada

  6. I love the idea of being able to make wood-fired meals at my own home!

    By Wes

  7. Rado, I look forward to getting the MTo oven design building info. I live in a small town in N.E. Ohio we are now in the fall time I plan to put the oven together in the spring of ’11 for my oldest son’s graduation. I come from a long line of men cooks (no holiday meal has been made by a female in 4 generations however we are now down to two generations so the pressure is on – we need a new oven!)

    I have a passion for photography and I will forward lots of my oven pictures. Thanks in advance for your help. Woody

    By Woody

  8. Hi Rado,
    awesome site, I have already started the project, poured the slab, and started exterior wall, but since the weather has stopped me for now, I would like to read up on you methods so I sent for our cd. If I understand correctly, this should cover your cost for the oven CD, and may I please also have your MTO cdrom as well?

    By Dave

  9. I love cooking in it. We did christmas lunch in the temporary oven it was great cooking everything at once. Am now building the permanent oven. Hearth & base are down starting on the walls today 24/2/11. This is a large backyard oven 1100mm by 1400mm internal. Thankyou so much Rado for your CD’s are extremely useful. PS will send some pics once I download the camera.

    Live Steam Engineering & Cooking in the wood oven.

    By Spike

  10. Hi Rado,
    Just to say your Masterly Tail oven design disk arrived on Saturday and the whole family was round the computer looking at your brilliant drawings, pictures and instructions. They are absolutely fab, so will be in touch when we have finally built our oven.
    Thank you very MUCH!!

    By Angie

  11. I have been wanting to build a wood fired oven for a long time,as i have fond memories of a very crude one my grandfather built at his house when i was very young.
    Finding your website has renewed my interest,and now i have a home of my own with a large backyard that needs an oven.
    I am going to wait just a little while to request your CD,but wanted to send this to thank you for doing what you do with such passion!
    By the way, have you had experience using metal flue pipe with an oven? I want to build it against the outside wall of the house,under the patio cover,so i can use it year-round,and it rains a lot here in Oregon!

    Thanks again Rado!

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the nice note. Have a look at this oven with tall flue/chimney, is that what you plan to do? I just got one shorter 1′ diameter ( 300mm ) stainless steel flue last week for an oven I build now. I attached two photos of it in an email I sent you now.

    Good vibes,

    By Marc

  12. Good afternoon Rado,

    I look forward to receiving both plans CD’s and extras for my donation. I am pretty nervious to say the least about building my pizza oven! It has always been something I have wanted and the cost factor to have someone else build it doesn’t work with my pay grade.

    You are doing great with your web site and I thank you for that. Seeing several people that don’t build professionally doing great at their own pace is great!!!

    Take care and thanks again for help.

    By Anthony - pizza ovens for wood

  13. This is a very beautiful oven. I have been inspired by these ideas and now I really want to build the same oven by myself. If could post more information for the construction , I would be very grateful. Very interesting outdoor projects.

    By Vyacheslav

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