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Roasting turkeys in MTo oven design.

Roasting turkeys in MTo oven design.

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  1. Hi Rado,
    from the outside on the left hand side wall, What is the purpose of the opening in the side of the 3g mto oven? Where do I get this piece? What do I ask for?

    added by Rado:
    Hi Wanda,
    The opening has only one purpose; ash which is dropped down through the ash slot and down into the ash storage is raked out through this hole. At some later time, because the ash storage will hold ash from 100+ firings. Then it goes into a garden. The ash slot, or else called ash drop or ash shoot, is located just at the entrance area into the oven.

    To make this opening I simply use one half size concrete block which is placed in the outside wall in that spot. All MTo designs have this same opening for emptying of ash, original MTo or the 3G MTo design. In shop ask for half size cement block and they will shove you sizes, take the 8 x 8 x 8 inches one.
    In Australia ours have dimensions 19cm x 19cm x 19cm / half blocks.

    Some people do not make any ash drop at all because the ash can also be taken out simply and fast on a pizza paddle. So if the ash drop isn’t made, then there is no need for making this ash storage area therefore no need for the opening in the wall also. It is just a non-refractory so to speak feature.

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