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Roasting pots in Masterly Tail oven.

Roasting in MTo wood fired oven.

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  1. Rado: Just sent you for the workshops. My mason will need some additional info for following slightly adjusted construction: Am making use of a piece of garden property with two levels (one ~34 inches higher than the other separated by a small retaining wall). On the lower level, I want to have an open fireplace ~24 wide x 24″ deep (for a traditional outdoor fireplace that will stick out ~24 inches, but modified so that I can have an optional / removable barbecue grill atop same.) But then on the top level, have the pizza oven atop of the rear aspect of the fireplace and barbee (with access to the pizza cooking chamber from back side of the upper level) — but will want to use the same chimney for heating both the fireplace / barbee AND the pizza oven (I would figure that for firing the pizza oven, the fire would be built in the back of the lower outdoor fireplace). As heating is THE issue at hand for the pizza oven, advise if the above is feasible. And accordingly, I will need some specifics on where to place the fire and how the chimney would be build (so as to heat the pizza oven with the above). Q: Can one build a pizza oven like this that has the fire directly below the pizza oven? Please advise for options. Thanks. Jack

    By Jack

  2. Very Happy to find your website. Would it be possable to build outdoor oven on top with small fire place on bottom.? I have about 500 bricks left over from when my house was built. Can I use these for the exterior? I am on very limited income so any cost savings technics will be a big help in being to do this project.

    added by Rado:
    Yes by all means you can use house bricks to make the whole exterior. Read the ideas on how to save money time and resources for building and while building:

    Also to Jack above; I am making a whole new article page entirely for the subject of adding a separate firing box on a side, below the hearth height in a hip level, and channel the heat from there to heat up areas elsewhere. For the idea of having the fireplace under the oven please look at this design how it was built:

    By Ron

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