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Pizza oven with fireplace and smoker

Hi Rado,

Thank you for creating the detailed plans for building these wood burning ovens. I’ve attached pictures of my integration of the oven with a smoker room and a regular fireplace.

I received the plan links via your email last August and finally got to it this summer. The top cover is from a stainless steel oven hood I bought at auction from a commercial kitchen. My brickwork is clearly ‘newbie’, but I at least had the sense to do the backside (less viewed) first for practice. All three fires use a common 8″ chimney and I had planned to only use one (smoker, oven, or fireplace) at a time, but I will likely try a fire and the oven later this fall.

A fireplace with oven and smoker

oven with smoker oven with shed oven fireplace smoker

I recovered some nice Redwood for the doors from a deck that was replaced. Pretty much everything was “scrap material” or “leftovers”, except the block, mortar, and the chimney pipe/cap.

front oven wall and wooden door front facing wall front wall of the oven

I welded the fireplace grate out of 1/2″ stainless rod. The only thing left to do is put the fireplace curtains/screens into place (also stainless steel). The pizza has been great and we are enjoying learning techniques for our favorites.

oven smoker fireplace smoker set up inside oven smoker fire place

The only culinary art beyond pizza so far were calzones (later when the oven was around 400F which is 204C temperature) and kale chips (Crispy Kale Leaves in a wood fired oven).

brick test back side fire lit and fireplace fire in fireplace fire inside fireplace fireplace stainless steel hood stainless steel fireplace oven hood fireplace with oven and metal hood cover

We had a ‘christening’ for the oven in August and about 30 people were here making their own pizzas. It worked well after a while, but early on, the dough was too thick, so did not cook fully. Everyone loved the oven, the area (we have wooded 5 acre lot with a pool), and the golden liquid … maybe mostly the golden liquid, I cannot say with certainty.

Small cosmetic error in brick work and oven heating Several more for good measure. You can see my one of my mistakes in the brick entrance … Fortunately the only real “BIG” one, or rather A SMALL cosmetic glitch … With the red brick that is upside down in the front arch.

My father in law and I building making fireplace for outside making culinary smoker for outside

I found a few more images – during construction progress showing my father-in-law and I.

Thanks again, from Upstate New York,

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  1. Would love the plans.

    By Adda Fegley

  2. I’ve looked at some of your plans and ideas I think that you did great! I have a few questions. I’m in the process of designing an outdoor kitchen with a smoke house, fireplace, pizza oven. This will be a wall with one common chimney, recessed seating and a TV over the mantel. Please contact me if your interested in helping.

    By Bruce Cole

  3. Dude like the integration of the kitchen hood! I built a great Rado oven in 2009 – sadly had to move so now I have to build another :)

    I think I might model it this way because I wanted to add a smoker and the cost of wood is CRAZY right now so I am thinking all masonry!

    By Julie ODonnell

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