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Oven job with 4 slabs base

Rado and other oven builders and chefs,
attached are some images of my Pizza oven which was fully completed in 2010. Building it was largely inspired by your designs.

I had to modify the plans to fit my base which was based on four 600 x 600 millimeters slabs each. So the oven internal area size was scaled down slightly. Building it was a great job and I enjoyed it from the start to the finish!

The measurement conversion is 600mm = 23.6″
I included a couple of images of the construction.

We have had some great times using the oven, mostly for cooking pizzas but I have baked bread and done the Christmas roast over the last three years in it.

The finished job piece

Nearly there, shortly before the completion. Based on four 600 x 600 slabs Forming the entry into the oven Making the last brick oven arch Internal cooking part job was now completed

Thanks again for your inspiration and guidance.

Best Wishes,
Steve from Devon in England.

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  1. Well done oven mate like it, doing one my self for the allotment so easy to do the arch, what cement did you use?

    By Tony — Permalink

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