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Another Community Oven Built in Minnesota

Rado and other oven Builders or Chefs.

We just finished building your 3G MTO oven at Our Saviours Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I have done 2 community ovens, the first is the stone oven and now this latest one is the second community oven that I have built with a team here in the Minneapolis / St Paul area. I had a number of volunteers helping and gradually, step by step, in selected time frames it took us only 7 weeks to complete it.

The third oven with thermometers is my own in my backyard and your 3G MTO design is very easy and fast to build.

I have attached some pictures for you to share with all other brick oven enthusiasts. I incorporated an extended roof to your design, it was easy to do this by extending the walls up a few more courses.

communal oven

Community with oven in Minnesota Roof frame for covering oven front Making oven roof frame Community oven roof cover

Because this is a community oven located in an open area I designed a lockable door / gate that keep people out but still allows the oven to be fired up and left alone. You can continue to keep my email address on your website. I have received emails from a number of people and just had someone visit my oven here at home yesterday. One of the pictures is the Consecration event that was held last night with neighbors and church members present.

Lockable oven gate door Detail of lockable oven door gate

I do not plan to build anymore ovens from the ground up but I am currently helping two other organizations get ready to build community ovens here in the Minneapolis / St Paul area. They will most likely be your 3G MTO design with extended roofs. I will send photos when they are completed.

Keep up your good work in providing support to guys like me.

Best Regards

Mike Faust

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  1. Mike, I live in a cold climate as you do and wanted to know how thick your Concrete pad is and how deep you went with your footers or if you just used crushed stone.


    By Steve — Permalink

  2. What considerations do you have to make to meet building code?

    By Howard Abraham — Permalink

  3. So do you build woodfired ovens? We took a four day class but never followed through. Still would like one having built or built an oven by ourselves.

    By TOM Niemiec — Permalink

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