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Outdoor stonecraft oven

Hi Rado,

I requested a cd rom of yours a while back and have just finished my pizza oven and cooked the first pizza today. (it was so good!)

Thank you so much for the very informative and helpful hints and instructions from the disk you shipped me. Your information has made the construction of this oven possible! It has a slightly reduced size on the inside.

Attached are a few photographs of the finished oven, with a gas grill on the back side, accessible from behind the oven (2nd picture).

I truly immensely enjoyed working with these stones.

Pizza oven built in stones.

Pizza oven with BBQ both in stones.

Front of stone oven. Kitchen and oven done in stone.


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  1. Please advise on outdoor oven will construct in the spring.

    Looking to bake breads and make pizza’s.

    By Mark

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