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MTo firebrick Entrance part 3/3 building sequence

Making firebrick entrance. Which is the smaller entry arch at the front of the oven, through which meals are being put in and then taken out. And as we know also firewood for heating the oven up is placed inside via this same opening.

Masterly Tail oven design (3G MTo) – 3G MTo Main Page

1. Images #1167 to #1178 – for making wooden template see the arches page. I created a new page which deals entirely with how to make, easily and quickly with limited tools available, precise wooden templates for making all sorts of arches. Refractory or the ordinary house brick decorative arches.

Firebrick part page ONE – Page TWO – Page THREE

2. Firebrick hearth floor is on this separate page too.

6. MTo firebrick entrance – Part 3 of 3

This page contains 80 images focused on making “MTo firebrick dome entrance”.
Complete firebrick part sequence has 613 (out of 2,785 all up) images: #0697 – #1309

Firebrick oven stages:   Floor   –   Walls   –   Arches   –   Dome Entrance

3G MTo main page.

There are also the two, Swishy oven and Original MTo oven designs to view.

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  1. In your discussion of the vault height ratio to entrance height, you talk about a 62-64% ratio. Where a 16″ vault should have an entrance arch height of 10″. Yet, in your images here you have a 16″ vault height and an entrance arch height of 11.5″ resulting in a ratio of 72%. Why, in this build do you enlarge the entrance opening?

    By Luis Garcia

  2. Hi Luis,
    With MTo you can make the arched entrance 10″ or 11-1/2″ high, either works real well, as the extra 1.5″ in the oven entrance height is only in the tip of the arch, where both sides of the arch are well below 10″ height level. It works beautifully, in the performance sense, plus taller roasting pots or roasts fit in comfortably. Though the 10″ height is needed with entrances that are of rectangular shape (with straight line top at 10 inches high entrance and 16 inches inside vault height).

    If you look in the original MTo design folder, there is the sub-folder with the low set MTo siting on the ground. That oven has the entry 10″ high and mostly only pizza is cooked in that oven – that oven is used for business.

    So, you can create the entrance height of 11.5 inches even if you have the inside vault 16 inches high, because the 1.5 inch difference (instead of 10 inches high opening) is only in the tip of the arch, whilst both its arch-sides are lower – it performs very well indeed – and lager items can be put inside the oven.

    By Rado

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