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Adding cladding layer 10cm – 4 inches thick

Making 4 inch – 10 cm thick concrete cladding layer over the firebrick dome. This dense concrete also ads into the oven’s heat absorbing mass volume and ads the further cooking benefits.

Masterly Tail oven design (3G MTo) – 3G MTo Main Page

1. To make the concrete cladding layer I used the 4:1:1 concrete mix (by volume: 4 shovels of sand & stones, 1 shovel of Portland cement, 1 shovel of lime).
2. For extra mixing instruction view the cladding layer information page. Apart the cladding info, read the building details page as it also has the information on, perhaps if interested in that as well, which dome is better to build, whether the half barrel shape or a spherical dome? (all information on dome styles and shapes.)

Adding 4″ – 100 mm thick cladding layer

Making 4″ – 10cm thick “cladding layer” step by step on this page contains 56/121 photos.
Total images 1310 – 1430 (out of 2,785 from the large sequence.)

3G MTo main page.

And here are also the other two Swishy oven and Original MTo designs to look at.

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