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Recycled clay bricks used in building pizza oven

Hi Rado
Here is my story.

I first saw a pizza oven on one of the Jamie Oliver TV shows, I then did a lot of research on the Internet and found your site, my background is that I spent 15 years in the building trade as a bricklayer, I now work with a manufacturer of large alternators so both of these have helped with the project but are not essential, some times it is just a matter of laying it out dry and going from there.

I found the site and the DVD a real help, there is so much info on there, I would say that these are the new bar b q, we have had so many parties and good times based around the oven, even on new years eve, pizza being cooked all night the beer flowing …

A pizza oven built from recycled red and lighter clay bricks.

… and then there was the disaster with planned cooking many pizzas LOL I will fill you in on that LOL … It all happen on new years eve, rather than me rolling out pizza dough all night and making pizzas, I made pizza boards with wooden battens on them so that I could stack up pizzas ready to go into the oven, the problems all started when we tried to get the pizza bases off the boards, they had all stuck to the boards, it was a right mess, in the end we ended up with pizza folded in half tasted lovely but did not look that good, I have tried it once since and put loads of flour on the board and they did not stick. Always learning in progress!

Reclaimed chimney clay pot View from the street. Oven roof nearly completed. Firing pizza oven for the second time

Reclaimed chimney pots, 2 for 15 pounds off eBay.
Reclaimed fire bricks. I would buy new next time, to many variations as it was a mix of various types of firebricks.

This is the spot I decided to build pizza oven in The first arch set The heating chamber almost completed Third heating for pizza cooking

Heating to high temperature carbon burn off Excellent pizza cooked in wood fired pizza oven My sweet cookies baked in wood fired pizza oven The wood fired pizza oven for making the gourmet pizzas

Speak to u soon.

Steve, in Lincolnshire, England.

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  1. This is one fabulous looking pizza oven. I am also using recycled bricks for building my oven. I reckon that recycled bricks look much nicer than any new bricks. I can see you have your fence done out of these same bricks. I wish mine oven will have the same character as yours. What are the big alternators you work with used for?

    By Mike

  2. Hi Mike, they are used all over the world from small stand by units to massive sets powering every application you can think of.

    By Steve

  3. Hi there,
    this page came up as I looked around for info on recycling bricks into a pizza oven. I do not have any experience with bricklaying, but fortunately I’ve got enough free brick to make a few prototypes.

    What mortar mix do you recommend? Any tips on cleaning the recycled bricks?


    By Bryan

  4. I think I need to elaborate. I plan on building the entire oven out of reclaimed clay bricks, and I intend to buy proper fire bricks when I have more experience building. So, I’m wondering about mortar that can be used for the oven dome (I assume I should dry-fit the floor with fine sand. I.e., no mortar).

    Any critical reason I should avoid building the oven interior with the reclaimed bricks?

    Sorry to be a bother,

    added by Rado:
    Hi Bryan,
    Have you seen this page that talks specifically about the alternate old red clay bricks? And other solid clay bricks could be used as well, just test them prior the final oven building. There is written also about cleaning these bricks.

    By Bryan

  5. Thanks, Rado.

    I have found this and a lot of other useful information while browsing the site. Good work!

    By Bryan

  6. Hi there all! I’ve read some fab stuff on this site and it sounds like you know what you are all on about! Just a few questions though. I’ve got old reclaimed red bricks from an old house and have a pile more coming from another job, but half sound hollow so should I use these? By the way I’ve never laid a brick in my life so any tips would be great if anyone has got any. I’ve only seen pictures so where should I start? I don’t really want to spend much money so is it crucial that I use fire brick? Cheers dudes.

    By Gregg

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