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Pizza oven in Utah, USA by Bret

This is a new Masterly Tail oven. Thanks for the MTo design building CD that made building our oven “Trieste” possible. It allowed us world class pizzas to be made in addition to slow roasting and baking breads.

We fire the oven almost every weekend in good weather and maybe once a month in the winter. Usually we have some friends over to share the experience of the wood fired pizza. Everyone we have had over loves the pizza out the brick oven and some think we are a little crazy to go to this extreme to make pizza. Most are surprised in how little time it takes to cook a pizza. As you know, there are several people that are considering building an oven after seeing ours. Our children are now little pizza snobs. I have been cooking pizza since I was a teenager (30 years give or take) and having a wife that spent time in Italy only fueled the fire to make world class pizza.

Pizzas cooked by world class pizza cook

The wood burning oven MTo design

A neighbor has a portable wood fired oven we were cooking in 2 years ago and that was all it took to want a brick oven. So as you know Jack has expanded and now runs a shop in Logan Utah He is a super guy and crazy about food made in wood burning ovens and wood fired pizza in particular.

Cooking in wood fired pizza oven during snowy winter

Your site was the best I found in researching oven construction. Thanks again for the service in sending out CD’s. Attached are 2 more pictures.

Best regards,
Bret from Utah, USA

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