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Everyone can “construct” their own pizza

We finished the oven last week, and on the weekend we had our taste of firebrick oven pizza, simply spectacular.

We fired up the oven again last Saturday, we bought a cast iron pot and we cooked two chickens in 25 minutes. All the fat melted away and the taste was awesome.

Pizzas are definitely a big hit with family and friends, cooking in the oven has turned out to be an event that has brought friends and family together.

Everyone enjoys the fact that they can “construct” their own pizza, then slide if from the paddle into the oven and have it ready in minutes and the taste is excellent.

Firebrick oven for pizza

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Constructing pizza oven Pizza oven construction

Rado, thanks for your tutorials. My builder friend sent for your pizza oven building CD’s.

Kansas USA

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  1. Hi Miguel,
    Interesting concept, I’ve never seen making the working surface area around the oven this way. This is one very practical and economical idea. And an interesting character also, the red bricks with the rough textured render give the lovely effect.

    By Rado

  2. Hi there Miguel, I’m also from Kansas and have been reading up on building our own pizza oven. What materials are you building your dome out of? I’ve learned a ton. But close to ready for starting on my own pizza oven. This may sound strange, but I thought about fashioning bricks over an igloo dog house to form my dome and then lift it off to place on a cement block base. Any help or tricks to making the dome would be helpful. Thanks so much.

    By Gayle

  3. Would you be able to send me the prices of all the wood ovens and the price all together if I would have to get it shipped to Australia.

    By Mitchie Mokdessi

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