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Nutella pizzas and football World Cup

While in Italy on holidays in Pompeii we were watching football world cup game one evening and lady from the kitchen made us one excellent nutella chocolate pizzas in her oven.

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Small oven 24″ wide with 16″ vault height

A very small wood fired oven with 25 inch internal width and with 16 inches vault, floor to ceiling internal height. The two pizzas oven size cooks pizza absolutely really very well, same for other delicious, healthy gourmet meals and obviously not to forget on the baking.

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Insulating tiles under fire bricks floor

A pizza oven and a kitchen both created outdoors. This pizza oven was built the way that it has insulating tiles on top of the top concrete slab and with fire bricks sitting on top of the tiling insulation. The oven still retains good heat within the firebrick layer for making many pizzas while the fire is ongoing.

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Mediterranean contours pizza oven

Another Mediterranean like masonry art design beautifully achieved with this wood fired oven, and not only on the oven, the whole outside kitchen was built with the same feel to it. It’s quite nice. It is located in New Zealand.

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Bush Creek Pizza’s (and bread’s)

Very beautiful tiled mosaic decoration created with stones and tiles on a wood burning pizza oven project. Art work by Eddie and Vianney from New Zealand.

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Surtur Giant of fire in Icelandic mythology

Small igloo round pizza oven we now call Surtur. Meaning of Surtur, he is or he represents a giant god of fire in Icelandic mythology.

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Oven and Kitchen Finally Finished

My bread, roast, pizza oven and the whole outdoor kitchen are finally finished. The oven has already cooked very many pizzas and baked lots bread loafs batches for us.

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