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Nutella pizzas and football World Cup

I was thinking about Pompeii, about the time when we were visiting there, when I remembered that later that evening we went down to the local camping ground to watch Italy play live in the football World Cup. They had an oven there too in the kitchen and fired it up while we watched the game on a big screen.

At the end of the night when Italy was knocked out of the cup, the lady in the picture made loads of free Nutella pizzas for everyone. A chocolate pizzas. She made the dough as per usual then put a thick coating of Nutella chocolate all over them then threw them in the wood oven. A couple of minutes later when they where done each pizza was cut and folded in half and the cut into four pieces. They were the same size as a piece of cake but like a smokey chocolate flavoured pizza sandwich! It was very good and I think its the only way to go once the savory pizzas have finished!

Nutella pizza in Pompeii.

Lady making chocolate pizzas with nutella spread.

Thanks for the prompt reply….

The problem with your website is that it has so much good information and is so detailed that you don’t know what to read next or what link to click next and you miss something! That’s a pretty good problem to have, especially on a free web site!

So thanks for the effort you have put in so far…

I would like your bank detail please so that I can make a support for a cd. Am I right in saying that there are 2 or even 3 different CD’s with the latest being sent out? Does the donation cover all CD’s if that’s the case?

Sketch showing pizza oven and BBQ combo.

I have purchased a 14 acre property in the south of Tasmania where I plan to build a weekend hut with a similar stone fire place and oven combo or the outdoors kitchen type style. Some of your oven info will help me in this project too. However, I want to build an oven outside the hut for when heaps of friends come down and camp over night and use this combo.

I build water-features for a living so this project will be right up my ally. I have a very good idea on the building concept with the oven but it’s the experience that you have that I think will benefit me the most.

While I was in Italy last year I visited Pompeii. What a magical place. I found the old historical ovens where the bakery was in one of the back streets. Interesting how it was built over 2000 years ago and the design still hasn’t changed. French in villages have exactly the same designs still being used. It would be nice to compare the oven door opening to dome ratio to your formulae to see if they had worked it out back then! couldn’t get too close but it looked similar or exactly same.

Anyway, I look forward to receiving your information.


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  1. I though you ment nutella pizzas not stone.

    By tekacity

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