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Insulating tiles under fire bricks floor

Hello Rado, and other wfo builders.

After I had the CD’s the building went much better. They were a lot of help. Though I built mine a bit differently at start. It is sitting on one concrete slab without having an inner and outer base wall, the top slab sits on the concrete slab. Also the fire bricks are sitting directly on a slab made of refractory insulation-tiles material.

Not too much heat gets into the top concrete slab as it is stopped by the insulation tiles, less heat absorbing mass this way, but still it seems OK for pizzas and pizzas are what I enjoy to make. I have used this pizza oven numerous times and it works very well.

Pizza oven and kitchen both built outdoors.

Firebricks heated floor with insulating tiles underneath. Oven with insulation tiles for floor under fire bricks. Outdoors kitchen with oven for pizza. Making pizzas in outdoors pizza oven.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

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  1. I would like to have your literature on the thinnest & lightest maximum heat retaining tiles as well as insulation and if possible samples of best types which have a good thermal mass properties.

    I am trying to develop a hybrid solar cooker and am experimenting with heat retaining tiles plus insulating materials on top.

    If successful I would like to use it in designs of residential kitchens being an Architect.

    By kothari J

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