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Sundial Wood Burning Swish Oven

I’ve felt in tune with your oven designs for so long now. We have been quite lucky with the weather (cold, crisp and dry) so I’ve managed to make good building progress. Perhaps stubbornly, I’ve mixed all the concrete by hand and had to cut the reinforcing mesh with a tiny hacksaw, but I felt a real sense of achievement as each step fell into place.

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My oven cooks the most incredible pizza

I began to build my pizza oven just before winter 2010 approached. Then I finished it completely in spring 2011. My oven cooks the most fabulous pizzas one can cook and eat. Pizza oven named: Forno Di Russo.

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Everyone can “construct” their own pizza

Here, this is really the best from all of the facts; Everyone can “construct” their own pizza, fast, having fun at the same time, and all the pizzas taste superbly top′notch′ great.

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Pizza oven in Utah, USA by Bret

This is a Masterly Tail oven, not exact clone, built from the MTo oven design building disk. What made building our oven “Trieste” possible? It allowed producing of the world class pizzas. Additionally slow roasting and bread baking. It’s all right to cook in wood fired pizza ovens during snowy winters.

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Recycled clay bricks used in building pizza oven

Pizza oven built by Steve in Lincolnshire, England. This pizza oven was made entirely from recycled red color clay house bricks that came from an old project. And inside the oven was built out of solid clay bricks of a lighter color also all reclaimed.

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Joe’s oven concrete blocks walls

Joe’s oven built in Connecticut – U.S.A. Snow on the oven in winter. Dry fit (without mortar joining in between blocks) concrete blocks were used for building outer walls of the oven. The oven is the part of the outside kitchen for when we cook and bake or roast meat outdoors. Stucco covered chimney.

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Homemade pizza pictures

My own home made pizza pictures that I really enjoy to cook. We also catch yellow-fin tuna and grill it and eat it with wasabi plant. I would like to build my wood fired oven so I can cook the fish in it.

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Oven walls from re-used cut field stone

Building walls on this outdoors wood fired pizza oven was done with re-used cut field stone in Canada. The owner also included his culinary formula for making pizzas, including directions for dough for making the pizza base. Photo of theirs pizza being cut is alongside, enjoy that.

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Nutella pizzas and football World Cup

While in Italy on holidays in Pompeii we were watching football world cup game one evening and lady from the kitchen made us one excellent nutella chocolate pizzas in her oven.

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Pizzas and bread in Pompeii oven

Pictures of sliced pizza cooked and bread baked in a spherical Pompeii wood fired pizza oven. The oven was built by Tom.

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