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Homemade pizza pictures

Hey Rado,

Thanks for the quick response … attached you will find a few of my favorite homemade pizza pictures … I will send you shots of the oven when it is done…really looking forward to the project. FYI – I can (mason jar) my own tomatoes every fall (over 50 quarts)…this is really the secret of my pizza and my pasta sauce. Will also share recipes if you like. It is almost Summer here in NJ … we catch very nice yellow-fin tuna offshore … Home made pizzas. got any special tuna recipes for the oven???

Most of the time I simply marinate the tuna and put it on a very hot grill but keep the center still red just warm and natural / whilst edges are nearly black … then this fish meat is served with steamed Wasabi plant. Fast, easy and effective.

Homemade pizza

Best Regards,
jg – in Galloway, NJ, USA

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  1. homemade pizza wow

    By Amelia

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