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Brick oven built by Lady. Christine.

All the brickwork on the whole project was done and finished by a woman, lady, Christine. The whole structure was also scaled down to a smaller size version. 99 percent of this whole and wonderful project was completed by female. And, Why Not?! …

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Patio with oven on smaller surface

Oven and patio both of modest smaller footprint space. The oven was downsized and built smaller than the size of the original oven as is in the plans. Paul made extra surface by cutting off a width from the masonry stairs and placed the oven right into the newly created room next to stairs.

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Wood burning oven built under roof cover

Very practical wood burning oven under a spacious roof cover in Shingletown, California, USA. Everything built by Paul and Karen. And the goodies their oven produces. Pizza and bread help from Paul.

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Brick oven with temperature gauge

Jamie’s and Katrina’s wood fired brick pizza oven with temperature gauge. Three different thermometers and thermocouples positioning installed for measuring cooking temperature in their backyard outdoor brick oven.

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Pizza oven and grill combination in outdoor kitchen

Effective brickwork by Tony in Victoria, Australia. Pizza oven Grill/BBQ combo and paving job finished.

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Slate stone chimney and oven outside decorations

Wood fired oven built in Dallas, Texas, US. It has a beautiful slate stone covered chimney and the whole oven on the whole surface area on outside walls has the same slate stone decorations on as well. Oven was built by Arthur.

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Wood fired family oven built in Austria

Wood fired brick oven built in Austria, backofen, family size project organized by Robert. The oven is standing right next to the house so we installed tall stainless steel chimney pipe to direct all fumes exiting the oven upwards above the house.

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Mto brick oven with fireplace under a hut

The oven was named Pizzeria Agustini, after my father. It is another enlarged Masterly Tail brick oven design modified with warming fireplace under the oven in a hut built in Philippines by Antonio.

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Hebel AAC block (added as insulation)

Under hearth for a pizza oven we added the lightweight Hebel building blocks material, as an additional thermal heat insulation layer, under the floor slab and firebricks on top.

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Sketching up drawing of wood fired oven

Have a look at my sketched up drawing of a wood fired oven I plan to build in Canada and run wood fired oven bakery back there. I downloaded a free Google program called Sketchup, it’s very easy to use computer program and it is advanced.

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