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Patio with oven on smaller surface

here I go with a picture of the completed oven. This is smaller than your original oven. Firstly I had to reduce its size and still I also had to take out part of my steps to make more room so I could fit it in. The stairs are still spacious enough. Yes, …

… “there is always a way”!

Then I poured the concrete slab in that newly created space. It has 56 x 69 inches total in surface. That is all that I had room for on my patio but it all worked out very well at the end.

Thanks for the plans, I don’t like to read directions in general so especially the clear visuals of yours were very helpful to me along the way.

Patio with oven on smaller surface built next to stairs.

Smaller patio with smaller oven for the room. Slab for oven next to cut off space out from stairs. Cuts off from spacious stairs for extra room.

from Minneapolis, MN, US

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  1. The area looks interesting now. Well done, great idea with cutting off from the stairs to gain an extra space for the oven. Another downsized oven built by Christine.

    By Rado

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