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Members of one Hunting Camp Group

Hi Rado

We finished the oven in time for the fall deer hunt. Started late September and finished for the end of October. We are all impressed how well it works.

We have 6 members of our hunt camp and I have not seen this much interest in any other project.
Can’t wait to do some wild turkeys or venison roasts as well as some nice crusty bread. Anxious to get master chef cooking and baking.

But we have tried already a lot of different meals in it. During the hunt week in the wilderness we did over 50 pizzas (a lot of company). Turkey supper, 26 lb turkey, 4.5 hrs inside the oven and came out perfect. Breads, French fries, spare ribs for 18 people. These are our first encouters.

All of the bricks for the outside actually are reclaimed concrete pavers, they aren’t the normal house bricks. The tile cover on the chimney top was found in a field.

Hunting camp oven in wilderness

This was a great project.

Thanks again,
John H, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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  1. How far down did you go with the foundation to deal with frost heave? Thinking of building my own oven ….. thanks

    By erik

  2. Sorry for the slow response
    I didn’t realize the oven was on the site already
    We followed the plans
    Haven’t had any problems with performance
    We did some more cooking in -30 C
    The snow on the roof didn’t melt
    Have had internal temp. as high as 1000C on the internal dome walls
    Any questions drop me note to the email account
    Where are you located?
    It’s worth the effort

    By John

  3. how deep does the foundation go down, do u have any other photos or plans. Thanks

    By ER

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