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Achieving Distinctive Character With Reclaimed Bricks

Quality face-work with recycled old bricks achieved this distinctive character to the finished project. Never underestimate Reclaimed Bricks Applications.

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Combo of Fireplace and Oven

Another great looking outdoors combo structure of fireplace and oven was built from cement blocks, firebricks, and then decorated with natural stones on top.

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Country property 2-hours from Toronto

Only two hours out from Toronto – Canada, on one country property, Doug built his beautiful oven. A practical and pleasing addition to the country living style. Applied were the general principles from the 3G MTo plans.

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Tank Head oven – metal fabrication

A few photos of the tank head oven with fire box below, metal fabrication with electric welder machine in progress. Stat to finish. When I was welding all the pieces together, this is my first work with metal welder machine. Assembling fabricated oven which was made from metal propane gas cylinder head.

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Recycled propane tank head ovens – metal work, sheet metal fabrication. Carl made an interesting garden oven, look at it from his images. It constructed from a large propane cylinder tank head made of metal. This oven is called – TankHead Pizza Oven. There is the firebox designed underneath which heats up the smaller oven and oven floor positioned on top the diagram explains it further. Propane propane tank head is suitable for constructing pizza oven, metal sections on the outside.

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Oven roof finished. Nicely designed over all.

Nicely designed, over all it is one beautiful oven. Gary from Hamilton, New Jersey, recently completed their oven with its roof. And then, just one week after they had completed it, the Hurricane Sandy come through their location when it took down a tree that was closest to this oven and the house. Luckily it fell down in the opposite way.

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RENE’S OVEN with MOSAIC. All under roof.

Rene’s project in Seattle, Washington. U.S.A. He built this fabulous oven with mosaic within bricks in walls and he also roofed the whole area. Now he can use his oven and the entertaining area whole year round. No mater whether it is raining or snowing, the roof protects / covers the whole outdoor area behind their house. Rene has never held a brick prior this building project. Video on how to rotate pizza on hot firebricks for 2 minutes was created as well.

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Foundations had to be altered

Rado, I have taken more pics from our firing last Sunday, all went well, just need to get used to temperatures and timings etc. With the images I have also written a short story of our bread / pizza oven, which you may or may not want to include. Foundations had to be altered to follow the elevated ground behind the oven, it may be of interest to some people. Here it is –

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Designed to match house. Accent lights. Lovin’ my oven!

Steve in Morgantown, West Virginia – USA designed his oven to match their nice house plus he incorporated accent lights and complete wiring into the structure for a future sound system. It is the Masterly Tail oven design/project – MTo, described in his own words.

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Gas and wood brick pizza oven

This gas and wood burning pizza brick oven heat source combo can be heated up to cooking or bread baking temperature by gas fuel, with a flame from gas burner, or common wood fuel. I bring out a gas bottle with a hose connected to the gas burner and point it into the oven through a small burner hole to bring / direct the gas flame inside.

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