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Tank Head oven – metal fabrication

Here are some pictures I took of the oven and fire box when I was welding all the pieces together. The one photo shows the firebox with the attachment that connects the firebox to the dome. This piece sticks up through the fire brick on the right side of the dome’s interior.

Try and look past the crappy weld job. I had never welded before and I am still learning. Similarly, I do not have much of a metal fabrication experience, but, I just go into it as it makes me happy.

I designed this oven in a way that you can take it apart in pieces. Having never built a pizza oven before I wanted to make sure I could change things if I needed to. Not sure of the steel grade but they are a little thicker than 1/8th inch.

tank head oven metal fabrication I built the fire box myself. The inside of the box is lined with firebrick. I bought the cast iron door for the box online. The door is made by a company called Vogelzang. They make small wood stoves and also a kit that can turn a 55 gallon drum into a wood burning stove.

As the last picture shows, I moved it from the garage out to the back yard. I can get some progress photos to you tomorrow.

fabricating metal fire-box fabrication metal dome oven metal workshop - welded oven Assembling metal tank head oven.

My fully completed project can be seen on the page #1 propane tank-head pizza oven. Also a photo of my first pizza cooked in the oven. Pepperoni and some basil from the garden. I have since planted a garden with all things pizza related.

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  1. Is there any cement in your dome?


  2. Thank you for sharing this experience that you have had with metal fabrication. This oven look really awesome and rustic! I have always wanted an oven like that to cook pizza. My friend used to have one and I loved going over to his house to make my own personal pizza. There are many steel fabrication companies who can help us with professional jobs that cannot be done alone. Thanks again!

    By Christophe Carlier

  3. I live in Lima, Peru; I have a gas tank that I no longer use, could you send me pictures and detailed drawings, so I can start building my pizza oven?
    Best Regards,

    By Fabrizio Jeri

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