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Achieving Distinctive Character With Reclaimed Bricks

The oven was constructed on the outside with used brick off of Craigslist except for the bull nose on the front of the oven. Feel free to upload to your site if you would like. I followed your examples in the construction of the actual oven.

I am actually looking forward to doing the next oven job in the near future. Thanks

Thanks for the great photo sequences etc for the large oven which I built and finished on Feb. 11 2013. It was a step of faith building this oven and I was blessed and really enjoyed the process.

Facework with reclaimed bricks

Pro or not PRO, a nice character can be achieved.

I had never laid any brick and so this seemed at first like an overwhelming task. But, I picked up a brick and started, so don’t look to close. I am waiting a few more weeks to let it cure before we start any fire in it, I am just enjoying seeing it finished and can’t wait for the first pizza to come out of the oven.

I had lost the first CD from you and had to reorder another to get the information, I am glad I did not give up on building this. Being an artist I kinda did my own thing with the outside design.

Lindale, TX

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  1. Vern,
    Thank you. This is exactly how to work with reclaimed house bricks, “all imperfections make it look perfect.” No wonder you are an artist (actually what do you create professionally?) This proves, again, that a reliable source of quality old reclaimed bricks is truly essential! The old brick look with the clean red clay give a very interesting character. Hypothetically speaking; how would you go with adding natural stones into the structure, where to in the facework for example?

    Anybody let me know about a source of similar kind of old bricks — there will be much of it salvaged basically immediately — just to recreate same authentic weathered looks along of saving real money = saving my budget.

    By Rado

  2. I would work it in randomly, the stone couldn’t be to large to overwhelm the structure itself.. The entire face could also be done with stone, and the rest with brick. There’s a lot of options.

    By Vern Herschberger

  3. Yes randomly would be preferred by me too, would look very nice as well. Scattering the stones among the bricks either 50:50 stone with brick or perhaps 30:70 so there is a bit more bricks visible in walls.

    By Rado

  4. Nice oven! I live on Cedar Creek Lake and have been using my Rado oven for about a year and it looks and works great! Nice to see so many ovens being built. If we ever move, I will certainly build another oven!


    By Joe

  5. Love these ovens!
    We sell salvaged bricks and salvaged thin brick tiles at our Vintage Bricks place.

    By Rebekah

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