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A great family experience from building this oven

Rado – We finished the oven around mid-November. It is everything I hoped it would be. Use it every weekend and trying to make most meals in it. Great family experience – both the build and the eating/cooking/baking enjoyment. Thanks for your guidance.

The whole project was a great family experience. Everyone chipped in and we even got friends involved. It worked out great in the end and the oven works great and looks good too. I would be happy to have anyone in my area come by and visit and talk to them about the project if they are considering building an oven. Thanks again for plans and advice along the way.

Proud of his work

Work to be proud about

Florida, USA

PS As I was close to starting building my oven based on the DVD you sent me, I was thinking whether it is OK to have the bottom storage section closed in or make it open for a reason (to let the heat escape, etc.) In most ovens this shows up as wood storage. I chose to build without it.

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  1. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for sending you oven pictures. Your place looks lovely and practical also.

    In fact, many ovens people build (over here, as far as I know) do not use the space under the oven. This is mainly due to too many rodents and snakes, they actually love to push themselves into this storage area because of the warmth and the smell of food. Many people choose not to have this empty space open/accessible at all, not just closed off with some fitted door, but basically it’s nonexistent. Hence my latest MTo design. This space under, whether it’s there or not, does not influence the oven performance at all.

    By Rado

  2. Larry,
    WOW!! I would have love to come to help you if i had known that you have the passion for wood fired pizza oven like me. I also live in Longwood so i would really really like to come and admire your creation. Please let me know if it is possible. My number is 407-341-2307. Appreciated. Thanks

    By CT Nguyen

  3. Larry of Longwood, FL USA. What is your e-mail address so I can link up with you. Thanks.


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