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Still missing arches atop chimney

Still missing are the arches atop chimney

Oven nearly completely finished, only without the last arches atop the chimney but she’s still already a beauty!

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  1. It looks great and look like you enjoy working with your hands. This is the type of roof that I would like to put on mine when completed, if I can find a supplier. Right now during the winter there is not much I can do outside therefore I have build the arches, and deciding different ideas from Rado’s selection. The arch over the chimney is one that I am deciding on. I like it but my wife says she likes straight lines. I taught it would be a good idea for rain not to wash down the soot down the chimney but??

    By Bart Parete

  2. Hey I am looking to build a brick oven were would I find the blueprints to make one like this. Please Email Me Back.

    By Danielle Raines

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