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Buttering firebricks with mortar

Buttering firebricks with mortar

Fun “buttering” the bricks with heat resistant mortar for the rear firebrick wall of the oven. Actually ….. this was already the second firebrick for the vault arch going in.

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  1. Are you putting any mortar between each arch and the first arch to the back wall? Thank You. Bart

    By Bart Parete

  2. Bart – I am pretty sure because of the vertical alignment between the first arch and the back wall there should not be mortar. It would slide down in a later time or at least there would be such chance for it to happen down the road. By looking at this scenario it’s excellent , it sure is a proper refractory brick job. One could involve even extractive metallurgy like smelting inside.

    By Jeff

  3. Well I would guess that the same would be true for between the first and the second arch. So I would only put it in the arch but not joining one arch to the other. Thanks

    By Bart Parete

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