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Bricks with wooden door

Bricks with wooden door

The door is put together with wood and material from several places. The actual door comes from beams from a church that was brought down by a hurricane. The cross pieces come from a steel railway freight cart that’s over 100 years old. The handle comes from a friend’s entertainment center that I cut down. Again I want to thank Rado for his CD and all his great info. Thanks

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  1. Wow I love your doors. I must be the biggest fan of this website, I enter it everyday to see something new and add to my ideas for my oven. Yesssss that oven that I cannot wait to resume building after this winter. That is if anxiety doesn’t kill me. Congratulations Bart P.

    By Bartolomeo ParetePermalink

  2. Bartolomeo,
    I know your excitement! I worked several weeks under a tarp while it was raining. The tarp was big enough to keep the mortar out of the rain while I kept laying bricks. I know your anticipation. Hang in there it’s getting to be time.


    By Vern Herschberger — Permalink

  3. My biggest excitement is to see how the smoke pulls out the chimney. I would be disappointed if the smoke come to the front of the oven and deface the front. Are you happy in the way the smoke goes up the chimney? Is there anything that you would change? Thank You.

    By Bartolomeo Parete — Permalink

  4. I’ve had fires in the oven the last few days, the smoke is being pulled up the chimney. I think if I were to do it over I’d make it a little deeper. Seems to be working fine right now.

    By Vern Herschberger — Permalink

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