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Wood burning ovens by Fontana Forni USA

Fontana Forni has been manufacturing wood fired ovens for over 30 years. Their ovens are designed and manufactured in San Lorenzo in Campo, Italy. Approximately 2 hours south of San Marino near the Adriatic Sea. Some of the original ovens, over 30 years old, are still in use today. That fact is attributed to the very high quality materials and workmanship that go into each oven they manufacture. Italian fabricated metal products, machinery, glass, clay, ceramics, and their similar industries, have always been performing among the first. Fontana Forni USA is the US distributor for their entire product line.

Their product line includes numerous styles and sizes designed to meet the needs of outdoor cooking aficionados and professional chefs. Stainless steel and iron are 2 primary components, they contribute to each ovens durability and substantial weight. Some of these ovens weigh over 1000 lbs.

Fontana Forni oven from Italy

Fontana Forni oven from Italy

The Gusto wood fired oven has been their flagship wood burning oven, it has undergone upgrades over the years which include higher quality materials, a convection cooking fan, interior lighting, a timer and a thermometer. Given the quality of their products, it stands to reason that they are one of the leaders in outdoor cooking ovens. Image of Gusto

Fontana Forni culinary

Fontana Forni culinary

Fontanas’ flagship design incorporates the use of two chambers. The lower chamber is the heart of the oven, it is where the fire is built. Heat from that chamber rises up and around the upper cooking chamber to create an even cooking temperature inside the upper chamber, where the cooking occurs. The upper chambers are lined in steel and insulated with refractory brick which helps retain the high cooking temperatures for hours and helps to distribute heat evenly.

They’ve recently introduced a new model the Forno Toscano Margherita wood burning oven, it’s a single chamber oven that, once heated, can bake a pizza in as little as 2 minutes, check out the introductory video. The single chamber design allows you to cook directly next to the fire and heats up very, very fast.

Homemade Bread Baked in Gusto oven style

Homemade Bread Baked in Gusto oven & culinary formula

Like the other ovens, the Margherita is constructed using high quality fabricated metal and other materials, insulation and is built to last for years and years. The Margherita features a rock based insulation surrounding the cooking chamber.
The attractive more modern design has quickly become a popular addition to the product line. Like the other ovens, the Margherita has wheels for easy movement, is made from very high quality materials, comes with a cooking stone installed in the chamber.

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