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MTo built from local stone and with copper roof

I decided to make the outside of this oven using local stone from our close-by stone yard quarry. And for the roof in its entirety I used copper sheets and copper nails.

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Community oven in stones for bread and pizza

I am about to build my third oven, this time for another community. My second oven I built was the one in my own backyard for my family (link to it is down this page). And this here is THE first oven I built, it belongs to our community, we built it together using stones for making all the outer walls.

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Wood fired family oven built in Austria

Wood fired brick oven built in Austria, backofen, family size project organized by Robert. The oven is standing right next to the house so we installed tall stainless steel chimney pipe to direct all fumes exiting the oven upwards above the house.

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Baking breads in my brick oven

Oven built by a Rock and Roll Baker! am not a builder, but I am a baker, or musician. But I finished my bakery brick oven and now I can bake beautiful breads and after I can play some music for the enjoyment.

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Pizzas and bread in Pompeii oven

Pictures of sliced pizza cooked and bread baked in a spherical Pompeii wood fired pizza oven. The oven was built by Tom.

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Goodfellas kitchen produce

Produce from one of the Goodfellas kitchen ovens. Perfectly looking and done pizza, stuffed baked bread and other baking, grilling, roasting and wood fire oven peppers. Here we speak about THE professionals in culinary area. No wonder they have received the well deserved award for their work.

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Small oven 24″ wide with 16″ vault height

A very small wood fired oven with 25 inch internal width and with 16 inches vault, floor to ceiling internal height. The two pizzas oven size cooks pizza absolutely really very well, same for other delicious, healthy gourmet meals and obviously not to forget on the baking.

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Bush Creek Pizza’s (and bread’s)

Very beautiful tiled mosaic decoration created with stones and tiles on a wood burning pizza oven project. Art work by Eddie and Vianney from New Zealand.

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Pizza oven nights and Real Estate

Real estate business dealings and pizza oven nights go together fabulously. I can tell you why pizza ovens are so popular; investing in developments, adding value to properties, faster sales, perfect and practical and pleasing in varieties of aspects …

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Baking grandma’s bread

This is the Bread Making Formula of my Grandma Pat’s with The Bread Baking full baking instructions. I used to eat some fast food or not too healthy foods recently and I know she would not approve of it. I am now building my own brick oven and I will continue with her life principles starting with baking this beautiful and simple bread.

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