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Concrete over vermiculite – No roof

Instead of making roof, I spread a layer of concrete over the vermiculite insulation. Around the brick chimney I put expansion joint material which was sealed at the end with a flexible sealant.

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Brick oven with stone base

Me and my dad we have built a pizza oven in the garden completely out of bricks with a stone base. We used one plastic barrel as a mould to make the brick vault. Just wandered if you were interested to see some miscellaneous photos of the oven.

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Combo of Fireplace and Oven

Another great looking outdoors combo structure of fireplace and oven was built from cement blocks, firebricks, and then decorated with natural stones on top.

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My First of many retirement projects

The first of many Mike’s retirement building and other development projects. “Now I have the time for them”… he says. He purchased 1,120 new house bricks for only 75 bucks which makes it less than 7 cents per each house brick. This oven cooks and bakes fantastically, it produces and gives out much better energy.

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Oven with a few practical modifications

Shane’s project, in Newfoundland, Canada. He has added a few practical modifications into the oven structure, such as extra thick insulation on top to achieve even higher efficiency, to be able to incorporate a few more features with his culinary practices.

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Even a retired Professor can build one!

Finished home project by a Doctor John, a retired Professor from Brighton place in Australia. Seems he used the same red bricks for the product as those that his house was built from.

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Recycled propane tank head ovens – metal work, sheet metal fabrication. Carl made an interesting garden oven, look at it from his images. It constructed from a large propane cylinder tank head made of metal. This oven is called – TankHead Pizza Oven. There is the firebox designed underneath which heats up the smaller oven and oven floor positioned on top the diagram explains it further. Propane propane tank head is suitable for constructing pizza oven, metal sections on the outside.

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The Hard Brick Cafe Place

Two friends on the photos are Bill the owner (wearing a black singlet) and his good mate Rainsey (David). Both from Waikerie in South Australia. The oven place is named – The Hard Brick Cafe. See the Internet invitation for 3 of theirs birthdays.

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Oven roof finished. Nicely designed over all.

Nicely designed, over all it is one beautiful oven. Gary from Hamilton, New Jersey, recently completed their oven with its roof. And then, just one week after they had completed it, the Hurricane Sandy come through their location when it took down a tree that was closest to this oven and the house. Luckily it fell down in the opposite way.

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RENE’S OVEN with MOSAIC. All under roof.

Rene’s project in Seattle, Washington. U.S.A. He built this fabulous oven with mosaic within bricks in walls and he also roofed the whole area. Now he can use his oven and the entertaining area whole year round. No mater whether it is raining or snowing, the roof protects / covers the whole outdoor area behind their house. Rene has never held a brick prior this building project. Video on how to rotate pizza on hot firebricks for 2 minutes was created as well.

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