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Second Life bakery and watermill

A virtual Second Life site and an oven building project goes on in it. Running virtual bakery with also a virtual old watermill system. All digital.

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Pompeii pizza oven project – great decoration

Pompeii wood fired pizza oven with a spherical floor dome built from Forno Bravo plans and with great sandstone decorations. Pompeii oven by Tom in Damascus, MD, USA.

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Gas fire in center with revolving stone

Gas fired igloo round shape pizza oven with center fire flame gas burner and stone that revolves 360 degrees round for rotating pizzas within the hot oven.

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Restaurant size pizza oven

An igloo shape restaurant size pizza oven built out of halved dense firebricks. The oven has 6 ft – 1.8m interior diameter. Is it preferred to cut firebricks for accurate key joints in constructing spherical round igloo domed ovens? For answers read on below …

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Oven in river rock stone

I always wanted to build these ovens for others. A picture of wood fired igloo oven done in river rock stones on the outside masonry-decoration. It is a round, spherical igloo shape dome, 8 feet wide and 6 foot inside in diameter measurement.

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Stone oven in a 1807 kitchen

A stone oven in the kitchen used to be heated primarily for baking. The building those days functioned as a town bakery, that is dating back to year 1807. The oven is 180 centimeters in diameter inside. A true master made it no doubt about that.

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Round features on this pizza oven

I used old glass bottles in building this internally round pizza oven. The oven has 850 mm diameter and 430 mm high vault. When the oven got completed I focused on making its round outside features. The pizza oven fits into an old existing garden wall.

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Mediterranean contours pizza oven

Another Mediterranean like masonry art design beautifully achieved with this wood fired oven, and not only on the oven, the whole outside kitchen was built with the same feel to it. It’s quite nice. It is located in New Zealand.

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Surtur Giant of fire in Icelandic mythology

Small igloo round pizza oven we now call Surtur. Meaning of Surtur, he is or he represents a giant god of fire in Icelandic mythology.

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Pizza oven in Cape Town South Africa

An igloo round style structured dome Pompeii pizza oven, built in South Africa’s Cape Town by Andre. And a couple of pizza pictures cooked in the yet un-insulated brick oven.

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