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Second Life bakery and watermill

just to let you know … I am using your website to build a traditional oven in second life – the virtual world – gosh, your site is SO help-full to get the best out of my build as possible!

It will not be perfect … but VERY close – and saying that … things do not always have to be perfect as long as they have charm!

Thank you for sharing all the information with the rest of us!

Regards, Karin

Bakery with watermill system on Second Life.

Added by Rado: Hi Karin,
Thanks for the nice note! Is there a link I could have a view at your oven building progress? Interesting. And yes, me too, I also think that imperfections might make look many things perfect if they work well for us. Why not?!

Good vibes,

Hello there Rado!
Well…. there is not really a link accept going on second life yourself! Second Life is a place where the whole world meets as you might know. I have been there for approx. 1,5 years and have focused on in-world building.
The thing is, that I love the authentic things more than modern stuff, so we made a bakery that has a watermill driven old system. The oven that I made doesn’t look like the ones you build, but that also had to do with the fact that it had to stand inside a build, so not an outside oven. I seen on your site what a wood oven looks like, with the wood storage etc. below and the oven above, and also how the fire and ‘calmed down’ fire has to be at the total back, just things like these. Apart from that I just used my own imagination and made it to fit the rest of what we did at the bakery. It is so much fun!
All I can send you is a screen-shot out of second life. Soon we will be making pizza’s in second life!
The screen shot is not that good, in second life itself it ALL looks a lot better….

Well…. would have loved to show you around the ‘virtual’ land we have, but for now I must say goodbye and good vibes back!

Best regards,

PS: We do custom work for people in S.L., soon when people see what we made this time, they might want it as well but I will tell them I will only make one for outside this time! (and copy the one you make in real life!)

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