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Round features on this pizza oven

Another oven also built by me here in Kumeu, Auckland, country New Zealand.

Field tiles are soaked prior to firing and bottles of wine stored in them maintain a temperature 5 degrees less than ambient.

This one has an oven interior of 850mm in diameter and a total dome height of 430mm in the center. It takes 2 hours to reach a wall temp of around 540 degrees Celsius and a floor temp of 365 degrees Celsius. It will hold about 6 large loaves on the hearth surface when used for bread making.

Round features on a wood fired pizza oven.

OverallDesign from New Zealand.

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  1. […] another couple, Round contours, Antoni Gaudí’s like shapes: Round contours on the oven and Gaudí like shapes made oven or would fit Mediterranean style […]

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  2. Robin,
    Love the design! I recently found Rado’s website and am honestly just inspired to try it myself. I’ve been thinking of something Gaudi-like too. Gaudi has got to be my favorite achitect/artist. I hope when I get mine eventually finished it resembles a style similar to Gaudi. Yours is truly a beauty! Congratulations!


    By Naeem

  3. Well done builders!
    Now comes the crazy design since I collected over 30 tons of bricks. 10 are the fast water crumbling chimney ones. All buildings where at least 50-80 years old.

    My heavy Mica mineral containing river sand was used by the Scott-Irish for many generations before Yankee building codes arrived.

    My heat absorbing oven base are 4″x4″ high density steel former lifting beams.

    I prefer the combo oven style with front bake fire chamber and rear blacksmith pit. My Love likes glass bottle shaping and old metal bending.

    Also my other outdoor wood stove has a chimney damper on a 22′ tall, 8″ diameter 1/4″ thick pipe to be real solid! LOL.

    My brick oven will have a 6′ 12″ diameter version. To make it real ugly I will use a old swivel cap on top / weather vain.

    Your beautiful collection will have our ugly duckling combo oven pictures soon.

    Oh I forgot, we will use real old aged mountain weathered rock we got from another 20 ton truck load. Lots of crystals are embedded.

    Greetings from Appalachia USA

    By JD Hackhowsar

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