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Rock-wool insulation

I’ve completed my oven, and here’s a photo.

The oven is a modification of your Swishy oven ( I used your plans and photos ). The refractory interior part is the Masterly tail oven minus one row of arch bricks. I also used mineral wool ( sometimes called rock wool ) for insulation. The oven holds heat very well. Thanks for your photos and plans. They guided me well.

We’ve done a few pizza parties serving as many as 13 pizzas. Everyone loves the pizza. We get lots of, “This is the best pizza I’ve ever had.” Rock wool insulated oven. Performs real well.

I bought a 25 kilo bag of Italian flour. It’s type 00 and made for pizza. It’s very good, fine flour grind and if you can find it, get it.

I’ve baked wonderful bread, and also pork roasts and pork ribs. To do pork I wait until the oven is below 300 F then cook ribs about 3-4 hours, and a pork shoulder 8 hours depending on its size.

Masterly Tail oven (MTo) dome in Swishy oven structure.

I am working on a method to produce smoke to get that yummy smoke flavor with the pork. When I find something that works I’ll let you know.

Masterly Tail oven dome and Swishy oven walls. Masterly Tail oven firing brick chamber in Swishy oven walls.


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