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Homemade pizza pictures

My own home made pizza pictures that I really enjoy to cook. We also catch yellow-fin tuna and grill it and eat it with wasabi plant. I would like to build my wood fired oven so I can cook the fish in it.

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Burek or Phyllo filled thin pastry

Making Burek or a phyllo from the transparent flaky pastry dough. Here is on how to make the burek dough properly, ways for how to stretch the dough and how to work it out. It’s a thin transparent pastry, a flaky sort of dough, then filled with cheese, meats and, sweater vegetable like pumpkin and then it gets baked. this is THE culinary formula for making and mastering burek or several bureks at once. I make 3 bureks in one go usually.

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Baking breads in my brick oven

Oven built by a Rock and Roll Baker! am not a builder, but I am a baker, or musician. But I finished my bakery brick oven and now I can bake beautiful breads and after I can play some music for the enjoyment.

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Steak photo in oven

Slow cooking a steak while the oven is being heated up. Then the steak is being roasted in the oven, to finish the steak nicely off. Good for toppings when it is sliced up or simply the best as a top-notch steak. Try these methods and post some results too. Enjoy!

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Oven walls from re-used cut field stone

Building walls on this outdoors wood fired pizza oven was done with re-used cut field stone in Canada. The owner also included his culinary formula for making pizzas, including directions for dough for making the pizza base. Photo of theirs pizza being cut is alongside, enjoy that.

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Nutella pizzas and football World Cup

While in Italy on holidays in Pompeii we were watching football world cup game one evening and lady from the kitchen made us one excellent nutella chocolate pizzas in her oven.

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Pizzas and bread in Pompeii oven

Pictures of sliced pizza cooked and bread baked in a spherical Pompeii wood fired pizza oven. The oven was built by Tom.

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Goodfellas kitchen produce

Produce from one of the Goodfellas kitchen ovens. Perfectly looking and done pizza, stuffed baked bread and other baking, grilling, roasting and wood fire oven peppers. Here we speak about THE professionals in culinary area. No wonder they have received the well deserved award for their work.

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Stone oven in a 1807 kitchen

A stone oven in the kitchen used to be heated primarily for baking. The building those days functioned as a town bakery, that is dating back to year 1807. The oven is 180 centimeters in diameter inside. A true master made it no doubt about that.

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Magimix 4200 XL Food Processor by Cuisine

We purchased Cuisine’s new Magimix 4200 XL food processor a machine made in France. Findings: it’s never too late to buy a proper kitchen robot (processor) as to giving any kitchen a more professional nature.

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