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Magimix 4200 XL Food Processor by Cuisine

My thoughts about this machine;

… it is one brilliant product.

I cook a lot. Now I can make all sorts of lovely dips and bread spreads fast. Not only primarily the hummus which I am quite used to by now (to the extent that I could make it literally blindfolded and obviously from the memory.) But also a fine dough’s for pastries perhaps because a couple of weeks ago we bought a new Magimix 4200 XL food processor tool by Cuisine, French made machine, adding a new quality item to our kitchen equipment.

After using this food processor a couple of times I asked myself;

… why haven’t I got it any earlier?!

Magimix 4200XL food processor. Surely, I should have done so a very long time ago. Until this one, we only had the mini hand held sort of food mixers whose really can be a pain when preparing certain sticky ingredients or a larger quantities of what’s needed. Cuisine's new Magimix 4200XL food processor. But hey, not with this powerful and quiet beast! We have already made a bit with this new Magimix food processor and I can say it’s going to be ongoingly fantastic. Its largest bowl proves to be practical for finely chopping cabbage and such for salads or soups. With that volume of the bowl, and power of the electric motor built in, this processor makes processing all foods much easier and faster also when it comes to larger volume/amounts. I finally decided to buy it for it has a good guaranty offer, plus, I also got quite a bargain price. Considering all the pluses it has attached to it and obviously the conditions I could not resist any further.

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  1. I am comparing prices these food processors magimix 4200 xl are being sold in different shops. I want to buy one for next month. How much did you pay for your Magimix 4,200 XL if I may ask and where did you buy it? I’ve been offered also 10 years parts replacement and service warranty by Magi mix manufacturer. And the lowest price I got so far is $799 which is better by $70.

    By Jeff — Permalink

  2. Check
    They have some reboxed Magimix Food Processors units at a huge savings! They also have Magimix Parts & Accessories.

    By Sharron — Permalink

  3. Well food processors by all means work with solids and soft ingredients or liquids and from hard will produce semi solid mixed food. Food processors are usually considered for first as the versatile liquidizers if their variable settings allow for such function. The interchangeable blades on processors, and their disks, chefs use their food processors for many variety of ways. Not just for chopping ingredients, they will beautifully slice veggies and fruits, shred vegetable like cabbage for instance for preparing all kind of salad. We can make yummy purees and spreads in food processor.

    By Carley Varella — Permalink

  4. I have slightly different food processor but it is one of the best appliances I ever had and used in my kitchen. I use it several times a week.It save me time plus the work get s easier, faster and the various food is much more tastier. Perhaps because the processing gets to the ingredients processed a more delicate texture with the more proper machining?

    By KellyPermalink

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